• Do I have enough to retire with?

    While no two retirement plans are the same, most people in or nearing retirement are concerned as to whether their retirement nest egg will be sufficient to meet their desired lifestyle in retirement.

  • When it’s time for aged care

    Time for aged care? What needs to happen and how does it work? Our team can help you and your family with the stage of life.

  • Preparing to Retire

    Retirement – it may (or may not) seem a while away. But having being prepared and planning adequately is critically important in ensuring your retirement reality meets your desires.

  • Who to notify when your loved one passes.

    It’s an inevitable and difficult part of life when someone close to you passes. This time can can be quite overwhelming when it comes to figuring out the steps that need to be taken.

  • Estate Planning Health Check List

    It’s really important for you and your loved ones to have all the correct information and paperwork.

    Reduce the overwhelm.

    Inherit WA aims to provide assistance for Older West Australians in ensuring a structured and planned retirement. We provide retirement planning and advisory services including:

    • Retirement Longevity Modelling
    • Aged Care Planning
    • Estate Planning
    • Deceased Estate Management

    We can work with you to ensure that you and your family are as prepared for the future as can be. Our team will work with you to find the best strategies for your retirement objectives.


    Aged Care Pathways

    Time for aged care? What needs to happen and how does it work? Our team can help you and your family with the stage of life

    Aged Care

    Our team can work with you to find the Aged Care Pathways that suit you and your family.


    Retirement Planning

    Inherit WA aims to provide assistance to West Australians in ensuring a structured and planned retirement. 

    Retirement Planning

    Retirement – it may (or may not) seem a while away. But being prepared and planning adequately is critically important in ensuring your retirement reality meets your desires.


    Deceased Estate Management

    We help people whose love ones have either passed away or may want assistance prior to a love one passing away.

    Deceased Estate Management

    Our service is, to not only assist with obtaining Probate (in the case of someone having a valid will) or letters of administration (in the case of someone not having a will) but to provide initial and ongoing support and advice on the transfer of the deceased’s assets to their beneficiaries.


    Estate Planning

    Inherit WA provides Estate Planning services to ensure that you and your family are covered appropriately.

    Estate Planning

    The team at Inherit WA are currently offering a FREE Estate Planning Health Check.  Contact us for more.


    Why Choose Us​

    Inherit WA will work with you to:

    • Review and Uncover complete list of all assets
    • Determine ownership of assets
    • Investigate whether there are Insurance and or Superannuation benefits
    • Determine whether there is a valid Will
    • Relevant Administrative Paperwork Coordination and Lodgement

    We will determine the best level of support and administration required, dependant on the complexities of the assets and estate.

    We work together with a network of Trusted Partners, to provide specialised Legal, Accounting and Lending services where necessary. Inherit WA can support you in navigating the financial, legal and accounting aspects of dealing with deceased estates.


    When someone passes - it can be a stressful time. Download our Checklist to help you navigate what to do.

    What Say Our Clients!

    Alex and Heather

    “Robert has been our accountant and our financial adviser for over 40 years, he has always looked after us and we can highly recommend him and his business. He is a true Gentleman and a true friend and is always there to help with any problem that arises.”


    Robert and his team have been helping my family for close to 10 years with Superannuation and Financial advice. I have always found financial matters daunting as I never knew where to begin and what questions to ask, but Robert always explained every step of the process to make sure I understood the pro’s and con’s of every decision. I have always been able to completely trust Robert and his team to provide the best information and advice, I feel very secure in my financial future now


    I have been a client for about 6 years during which time Mr Crane assisted me after I had been given very poor financial advice which left me in a financially tenuous position. Mr Crane was incredibly kind as the full extent of advice I had received became apparent. He put in place a plan which has seen a complete reversal of my financial situation to now being in a position where I can transition in a couple of weeks to a reasonably comfortable retirement. Mr Crane is a person of integrity and made a decision to assist the clients of the business he had purchased at much personal sacrifice. And I am sure I speak for many of us who were facing a very uncomfortable financial future that we are incredibly grateful he did so


      1. Notify all beneficiaries named in the will.
      2. Manage the property or goods left in the will to:
        • take care of any business interests
        • safeguard any income
        • invest money not needed immediately
        • collect any valuables
        • insure all property.
      3. Value the estate and keep a list of the valuations. The estate includes all:
        • cash
        • business interests
        • personal effects
        • securities
        • real estate
        • sale of property
        • debts due
        • debts owing.
      4. Complete income tax returns and get a clearance from the Australian Tax Office.
      5. Obtain authority to administer the estate:
        • Apply for a grant of probate or letters of administration if necessary.
      6. Pay all debts owing, including selling assets, if necessary, to pay any liabilities.
      7. Establish trusts.
      8. Divide the estate:
        • Prepare statements for each of the beneficiaries.
        • Distribute cash and or assets to beneficiaries according to the provisions in the will.
      If the deceased had bank accounts, shares, real estate or other such assets in their name or owned real estate as a ‘tenant in common’ with someone else, you may need to apply for a grant of probate in order to finalise the estate.

      Grant of Probate is a document issued by the Supreme Court of Western Australia confirming an executor’s authority to deal with the affairs of a deceased person.

      It gives the executor authority to collect the assets and administer the estate according to the terms of the Will.

      A Grant of Letters of Administration is a document issued by the Court authorising a person to administer the estate of person who died intestate (without leaving a valid Will).

      The Grant authorises the person (known as the administrator) to administer the estate by collecting the assets, paying liabilities and distributing the estate in accordance with the laws of intestacy.

      In some cases Financial Advice will be required. This will apply in such cases where Financial Product advice is required and in such circumstances that may require ongoing financial advice. Our trusted partner Wise Owl Financial can take you through the options.